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Shawn09-03-2015 09:50PM
Saved me money and knocked it out of the park!

Not only did nick save me thousands of dollars thanks to his affordable prices, he hit a home run and got me joint custody. 1 week with me, 1 week with her mom, and no child support needs to be paid either. You want to to win, and save money? Call nick.

Jose R.
Jose R.08-24-2015 03:12PM
Saved me my kids

After firing a different lawyer that did nothing on my case for a year, I hired Mr. Baker. My kids mom wouldn't let me see my kids for almost 6 months. Mr. Baker got me visitation within 3-weeks of hiring him and he worked with me on a payment plan too when other lawyers I called wanted $3000 or more up front! Now I see my kids every other weekend and every tuesday night. i owe so much to him for getting me my rights, best lawyer around!

Stephanie K.
Stephanie K.08-15-2015 07:13PM
Best Attorney in Chicago

Mr. Baker helped me out of a serious mess I had with my ex-husband. He was refusing to pay child support and daycare costs. When Mr. Baker got done with my ex-husband and his lawyer, he was ordered to pay a judgment of thousands of dollars in back support and back daycare as well as got me an increase in the overall support amount! Do yourself a favor and hire him right away!

Evie R
Evie R04-20-2015 06:44PM
Custody Issues Resolved

Mr. Baker was able to stop my ex husband from getting custody of my 3 kids. My ex lied to dcfs and Mr. Baker proved they were lies and now I have sole custody. He is a great lawyer.