Law Office of Etta Ibok

26 Court Street, Suite 1503, Brooklyn, New York 11242 ,United States
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Family Law lawyer in Brooklyn, NY 11242.


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Radmila Ladyzhinskaya
Radmila Ladyzhinskaya07-01-2016 08:55PM
Excellent lawyer and wonderful person!

My husband and I were accused of child abuse in 2014, and Ms. Etta Ibok, Esq. was a court-appointed attorney that represented me. I consider myself very fortunate that I was assigned this particular lawyer. Everything I can say about her is very positive and glowing. She is a consummate professional: very attentive, will not miss small details, which is crucial in building a defense strategy in a case like mine. She will make sure to take time and to explain her strategy and ideas to her client, making certain that they understand fully all the proceedings and outcomes. As a person, she is very sincere, she took my case as her own; it was evident that she took it close to heart and that the outcome of every hearing mattered to her, as it did to me. She was very compassionate and listened to me without judgment. Sometimes I left her office after 10 pm – she spent many hours and late nights on my case, studying it closely, pouring over every detail and preparing me for every question. She is always very organized, with copious notes and she was prepared for every eventuality, not missing a single detail. When she offered to file for a 1028 hearing, no one (including the caseworkers) believed it would work. She believed, and I hoped that it could work. We got the children back before the final ruling. 9 months later, the courts gave us our children back to us permanently and closed the case. Our feelings about her are not to the person that provided a service. We feel like she is a member of our family, and is close to our heart. She gave us our life back, and it happened much faster than is usual for such cases. Everything she did was in my best interest and listening and following her wise advice was the best thing I could do for my family and my own sanity.