Law Office of Crystal L. Gayden

6815 Manhattan Boulevard, Suite 204, Fort Worth, Texas 76120 ,United States
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MaryBeth12-03-2015 05:48PM
Highly Recommended

I am the divorced mother of three children and merely the fact that we are all not only surviving but moving forward with good lives I feel is almost entirely the result of my being fortunate enough to be represented by Crystal Gayden. This was my second filing for divorce which was not culminated as my husband promised to go to rehabilitation for a prescription drug problem. This did not happen and by the time I knew I had to proceed with a divorce for the second time I was truly desperate. My salvation was when I was fortunate enough to be referred to Crystal Gayden and for Crystal to not only take my case but to proceed to represent me in the most professional and diligent manner, yet always being totally concerned with my situation and my family's. Ms. Gayden was continually aware of all the ups and downs involving my case and knew, it seemed immediately, to know any and all that was required in every instance and always beneficial to my case. Of course this level of counsel provided me and my family, thankfully so, with the relief that comes when you have someone of Ms. Gayden's caliber handling many distasteful and critical matters continually thrown at her as well As I look back over the years from the time Crystal accepted my case, I feel that the moment she did it changed the lives of my family so much for the better there is not money enough to hire an attorney who could have contributed more in any way for my case and my well being and the well being of my family. We will always be indebted to her in more ways than she can imagine since we believe her to truly be a champion for her very grateful beautifully represented clients.

April12-02-2015 07:58PM
Crystal Gayden is a liar, deceiving and scandalous! Beware! Don't be fooled

Worst attorney ever! Crystal Gayden is a liar, deceitful and she's scandalous. I would have been better off representing myself. She lied from the beginning to the end, she had me thinking she would fight for me to keep so custody of my daughter and in the end it was all a lie. A social study was conducted and the results and it being favorable for opposing counsel which according to her was no big deal. Crystal Gayden told me not to worry about the social study results because the judge would not read it she told me that the judge would only read the last page but after the mediation settlement agreement was over she then text my phone and tell me that the social studies carry the most weight in the decision. I owed her $600 and in mediation Crystal Gayden told the mediator my legal fees were $2500 which was untrue she then found a way to keep all of the money after she told me I would get it. Crystal Gayden also made a remark that she should've requested more money from opposing counsel for my legal fees. Her paralegal Suzette called my phone asking me if I knew any lady friends to entertain her friends who are having a bachelor party. I'm just speaking from my experience with her office. Had I known she was this deceitful I would have not hired her. She persuaded me into signing a mediation settlement agreement in which I did not realize what I was signing she told me that if I went to trial there was a big chance I would lose custody of my child I was scared and so I signed it. Do not hire her please and believe she will screw you over. Last but not least don't be fooled by her "low flat rate fee's" like I was! Her office was always asking for money in which I had no problem paying!!!